Aerobic Exercise

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Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Activities and cholesterol levels.

As we’ve discussed on this site, cholesterol is a fat like substance. It plays a pretty vital role in keeping the body fit and healthy.  However its levels need to be maintained at an ideal range. One of the ways you can do that is by diet, but the other way is through suitable exercise.

Any significant fluctuation in the levels may harm the body and could affect its metabolism. High cholesterol may also be responsible for many diseases that affect the heart, liver and the brain. Some of these diseases are Cirrhosis, Alzheimer and several other strokes. It is responsible for hemorrhagic stroke on the brain.

The cholesterol content in the body is responsible for all these diseases.

However to be more specific, the main culprit is the Low Density lipoprotein (LDL). This bad cholesterol blocks the path way for the blood and explodes the blood vessels causing heavy damage to the body functioning. Hence the LDL must be controlled and should be maintained at lower levels. Apart from this, the High Density lipoprotein (HDL) should be at a higher percentage as this is the good cholesterol. This helps in maintaining the fluidity and permeability of several membranes in the human body.

To have a control over the LDL and to increase the percentage of HDL content in the body, physical activities are the best solution.

That includes aerobic exercises, which are pretty good at helping to improve your overall fitness.

Some of the steps to reduce your cholesterol levels through physical activities are:

  1. Skipping the escalators and the elevators can be a good start. Using the stair forces you to move your legs and your entire body. This acts as a whole body exercise and helps you in burning excess fat.
  2. Working out by stretching your arms and legs is also a great physical exercise.  It’s pretty easy and it’s low-impact, too.
  3. Visiting the gym and exercising for at least half an hour could prove to be useful. This is because the cholesterol content is easily broken down and used up. Besides, some of the fat content in the body is burned up with vigorous activity. You might even tone your muscles a little!
  4. Cycling your way to nearby shops will also give the whole body, a good work out.
  5. Always try to walk as often as possible.
  6. Swimming and outdoor games are very useful. They can also provide you with a lot of
  7. Fun and happiness (it’s more important than it sounds!)

All these exercises must be performed on a regular basis.

Only a regular work out will provide you with results, but it doesn’t always have to be at a gym.

Regular activity can help you reduce both the fat content and the cholesterol content in your body. If you are not so enthusiastic about exercising and do not want to commit yourself for a long duration, start with 5 minutes. Exercising 5 minutes a day throughout the week should get you into a good rhythm. From then on, you can increase the timing and plan your daily exercises accordingly.

Healthy mind, healthy body

To have a healthy mind, you already know that you must have a healthy body. To have a healthy body,  you already know that you need regular, sustainable exercise schedule. A happy and healthy life is just that, healthy. If you’ve been fooling yourself that you don’t have to exercise, now’s the time to think again. Activity is crucial the entire body system.

You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.

We just sometimes like to ignore it because we’re lazy, or otherwise occupied. But ask yourself this, can you really afford to keep putting off what you know you should do?

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