Do statins make you forget?

Jul 23 by

In a somewhat controversial discussion, some people are claiming that statins cause memory loss. But worse, they are also suggesting that this information is being distorted by mainstream news sources. When 1 in 6 (or more) people have elevated cholesterol levels, this is very concerning. This may affect you in the near future. What’s behind the claimed bias in the main news arena? The suggested reason? Money. If you rely on advertising dollars to make your profits, it’s tempting not to upset your advertisers. So what is the buzz about all this? What’s going on? JAMA Internal Medicine has published a paper to suggest taking statins leads to memory loss. But you’re unlikely to hear this on the news any time soon. With a sample size of roughly 50,000 subjects, there was a lot of...

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Food Fallacies

Apr 21 by

Are you scared to eat eggs? Do shrimp scare you? What about butter? In other words, are you scared of certain types of food because you think they’re really bad for your cholesterol? Most of us have heard advice to avoid “this” or cut back on “that”. And most of us follow that advice blindly. In some cases the experts admit (usually a long time later) that they might have been wrong. How can the average person really know what’s safe to eat and what is bad for them? One way is to keep up to date with the latest news. That can be confusing though. Another is to take a balanced view and do a little bit of thinking. Research on the web is fast and easy. There’s no reason not to consider...

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Is Cholesterol the Health Culprit People Think?...

Feb 2 by

The jury appears to be out on that question. Medical Article But, I’ve just read a very interesting article (it’s quite long), about whether inflammation in the arteries is really a stroke or heart attack pre-cursor, more than cholesterol levels. Surprising Heart Attack Statistics Although most of us have heard all about how bad cholesterol is, the statistics seem to show that near 50% of heart attacks happen to people who have normal levels of cholesterol. The suggestion is that something else may be causing the problems and the article goes into some detail about what that might be. The Science There’s a fair amount of science and jargon in the article, but to summarize, it seems that inflammation in the arteries leads to more cholesterol building up within the arteries. There’s then a vicious...

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What Is Cholesterol?

Jan 27 by

We’re going to start with the simplest question of all: What, exactly, is cholesterol? If you saw it it would look like a fatty, waxy stuff. Not only is it in some of the food you eat, but your body produces it every day. In fact your own liver produces it. It’s necessary for good health and it’s a part of every cell in your body. There are several things that cholesterol helps our bodies to do: Keep the cell wall healthy Help the body produce enough vitamin D Aid in digestion, by producing stomach acids to digest fat Not always as bad as you might have heard. So far from being the universal evil that it’s always portrayed as, cholesterol does have some good in it. We need cholesterol and we produce it ourselves....

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Do you take a statin?

Jul 7 by

Statins: A good idea? I’m not a big fan of statins, for all kinds of reasons, including my own reading on the topic. But statins are big business these days. Lots of people question whether they’re as good for you as they seem. There’s a useful resource on the side-effects of one particular class of statins that you can check out at There’s also a really good video that covers this point. It’s worth watching. In fact 32 seconds into this video the doctor says something quite astonishing. He explains why statins might be extremely bad for you, because your nerves and brain are largely made up of cholesterol….. At 90 seconds in he explains why clogged arteries are not what you think they are. They are not a disease state – they are merely...

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