Food Fallacies

Apr 21 by

Are you scared to eat eggs? Do shrimp scare you? What about butter? In other words, are you scared of certain types of food because you think they’re really bad for your cholesterol? Most of us have heard advice to avoid “this” or cut back on “that”. And most of us follow that advice blindly. In some cases the experts admit (usually a long time later) that they might have been wrong. How can the average person really know what’s safe to eat and what is bad for them? One way is to keep up to date with the latest news. That can be confusing though. Another is to take a balanced view and do a little bit of thinking. Research on the web is fast and easy. There’s no reason not to consider...

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Andy Griffith Dead

Jul 7 by

I just read an article about that great actor, Andy Griffith, who sadly died of a heart attack the other day. He was 86. By most standards that’s a good age, but it seems he had a number of health issues over the last few years, such as hyperlipidemia, a form of high cholesterol or high triglycerides. What struck me most about this article is that Andy suffered from his health conditions for years. Although he made it to a reasonable old age, you have to question the quality of health he enjoyed in his latter years You can read more here:¬† On a sidenote, I think I liked him best in “Matlock”, which was a great...

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