Causes of high blood pressure

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Causes of high blood pressure

Amazingly, just 1 in 10 cases of high blood pressure have a known cause – the blood pressure usually being a side effect or symptom of something else. It’s called secondary hypertension.

With such a condition, your physician will keep a close eye on your blood pressure readings, so see him regularly and be proactive in taking control of your blood pressure.

For the remaining ninety percent where high blood pressure exists (described as primary hypertension) there is no one exact trigger. A bunch of life style factors is usually to blame.

Underlying Factors behind Hypertension


Every cigarette actually will increase your blood pressure level temporarily. However cigarette smoke does not merely destroy your lungs. The chemical compounds can also damage your arteries, leading them to narrow which will increase your blood pressure.


As you put on weight your body must have extra blood to get the oxygen and nutrients to all of your body. Therefore your heart has got to keep working harder, and your blood pressure level goes up. One thing you can do to take care of that is deal with your diet routine and in particular you can take a look at the Dash Diet, which is recommended as a lifestyle change for people looking to improve their blood pressure readings.


Regular exercise helps your blood flow system (How this takes place is just too intricate to go into here). Being sedentary is the reason why your heart must beat more often, and harder to get the exact same effect.

Too much salt

Why this elevates your blood pressure isn’t really completely obvious. We do know that too much sodium can cause you to retain water – which increases blood pressure. We also know that there is a clear link between people with excess sodium in their diets and high blood pressure.

Too much use of alcohol

Having more than two or three drinks in a single session may cause a short lived rise in blood pressure. Frequently drinking an excessive amount may cause heart damage and high blood pressure, and it can also cause liver damage, so all in all not good.

If you have several risk factors for Hypertension it’s particularly significant for you to monitor your own blood pressure. You must make certain you keep diet and lifestyle factors in check

A smallish change in lifestyle choices can be enough to make a big difference for many people with pre-hypertension. Attention to such lifestyle factors pays dividends in all kinds of ways, not just in helping to avoid high blood pressure later on.

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