Is Cholesterol the Health Culprit People Think?

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Is Cholesterol the Health Culprit People Think?

The jury appears to be out on that question.

Medical Article

But, I’ve just read a very interesting article (it’s quite long), about whether inflammation in the arteries is really a stroke or heart attack pre-cursor, more than cholesterol levels.

Surprising Heart Attack Statistics

Although most of us have heard all about how bad cholesterol is, the statistics seem to show that near 50% of heart attacks happen to people who have normal levels of cholesterol. The suggestion is that something else may be causing the problems and the article goes into some detail about what that might be.

The Science

There’s a fair amount of science and jargon in the article, but to summarize, it seems that inflammation in the arteries leads to more cholesterol building up within the arteries. There’s then a vicious cycle where that causes more inflammation to take place.


You can see how that would lead to heart attack and strokes. A build up of the plague because of the inflammation and storage of cholesterol can lead to myocardial infarction (heart attack). At least one doctor has gone on record as saying that inflammation underlies many diseases that they have to deal with. That’s pretty shocking, if it’s correct.


A by-product of inflammation is something called CRP, or C-reactive protein. It looks like an accurate predictor of possible future heart attack risk. The article goes into great detail about the major study that was done in 2002, by Harvard researchers. It’s not necessarily universally agreed, so work is ongoing in this field. Having read the original article several times myself, I would recommend it for further research.

You can read the original here.

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