Cholesterol and alcohol

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Cholesterol and alcohol

As you now know, cholesterol is a waxy lipid which exists in our body to maintain balance and health. This cholesterol is produced by the liver in amounts that are required by our body. In addition, we consume cholesterol in the form of fat. Thus, all the food products that contain fat in them add cholesterol to our body. This cholesterol is both good and bad to our body.

The paradox in the compound is due to the difference in its density. If the body contains large amounts of high density lipoproteins (HDL) then the cholesterol does a whole lot of good to the body.

However if the body contains excess amounts of low density lipoproteins (LDL), it does a lot of harm to the human system.

Reverse transport cholesterol (RTC)

Some of the food products that contain fat are cheese, butter, pork, beef, poultry and many more. The HDL which is also known as good cholesterol actually helps the body in several of its processes. One amongst them is the reverse transport cholesterol (RTC) which removes excess cholesterol from the body through excretion. On the other hand the LDL affects the body in several ways like blocking the blood stream, blowing the blood vessels and several more ill effects that will definitely harm the body in more than one way.

Cholesterol somehow seems to have a small “affinity” towards alcohol. It has been noted that the people in France eat a lot of fat containing food, yet they have good life expectancy and have low cholesterol levels. It seems that one of the main reasons for this amazing feat is that most of the people who live in France drink alcohol. Small amounts of alcohol, on a regular basis, actually help in increasing the HDL levels in the human body. Alcohol also seems to help the body to improve resistance towards insulin.

But not all types of alcohol help you to reduce the cholesterol levels.

Red wines in particular seem to exhibit this “medicinal”, or prophylactic, effect on the human body. Any other type of alcohol will reduce the levels but only by a very small extent.

However, too much alcohol consumption can also cause several other harmful diseases like heart disease, damage to liver, cancer and many more. So red wine should only be drunk in moderate quantities, say a glass every day, to help toward reducing the “bad cholesterol” and increase the “good cholesterol” in the body. As well as reducing cholesterol levels, alcohol can help improve the elasticity of your blood vessels which in turn then helps in reducing your blood pressure. All in all, the effects can be quite beneficial.

So alcohol, in moderate quantities, can be a very good thing, but when taken to excess can cause a lot of harm and damage to your body. As with so many things related to your health, the old adage remains true: “moderation in all things”

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