The D.A.S.H. Diet Plan

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The D.A.S.H. Diet Plan

What is the DASH Diet?

Well, it stands for Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH)

People who have high cholesterol often have hypertension as well (high blood pressure). The diet that is beneficial for hypertension treatment can also be very beneficial for controlling your cholesterol levels.

Over the next few days we’re going to be looking at the DASH Diet in some detail – taking it apart, so to speak.

What are the benefits of the DASH Diet? The first one is that your blood pressure is likely to be healthier. Every one of us, in the modern world, needs to take care of our blood pressure. Modern foods and modern stresses can both add up to problems for many of us.

That’s where the DASH Diet comes in.

It’s a nutritionally based natural method of affecting your blood pressure in a positive way.

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So how many people actually suffer from hypertension? In other words, how many people might the DASH Diet help?

Well it’s estimated that something like 25% of adults in the US have some kind of hypertension, although the percentage is higher if you look just at the older age group. In the UK something like 50% of people over 65 and about 25% of middle aged adults have high blood pressure.

That means if you stand in a room with three other people, one of you will have high blood pressure.

We’re talking about a lot of people who might be helped by looking at the DASH diet, lowering sodium intake and getting a little bit more regular activity.

Can high blood pressure kill you? Yes, it can, indirectly. What’s worse, it can lead to strokes – even if you don’t die from them they can completely ruin the quality of your life. High blood pressure is a big risk factor, so anything that can help to control it naturally is well worth a close look.

The DASH diet has, as its focus, higher consumption of such food as low-fat dairy products, chicken, fish, lean meats, nuts, whole grains, fruits, and, finally, vegetables.

What’s surprising about it is that it’s also been shown to have a surprising effect on the body weight of younger girls who are taught to follow a DASH approach from an earlier age. At the Boston University School of Medicine Dr Berz looked at data from over 2,000 girls starting as young as age 9 who participated in the National Growth and Health Study.

The girls with the highest DASH score – in other words who followed the DASH diet most closely – were found to have gained the least weight at the end of the collection of data.

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