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Statins: A good idea?

I’m not a big fan of statins, for all kinds of reasons, including my own reading on the topic. But statins are big business these days.

Lots of people question whether they’re as good for you as they seem.

There’s a useful resource on the side-effects of one particular class of statins that you can check out at

There’s also a really good video that covers this point. It’s worth watching. In fact 32 seconds into this video the doctor says something quite astonishing. He explains why statins might be extremely bad for you, because your nerves and brain are largely made up of cholesterol…..

At 90 seconds in he explains why clogged arteries are not what you think they are. They are not a disease state – they are merely the result of an underlying disease. So to paraphrase, using statins to deal with clogged arteries is like putting a band-aid on a broken leg. It does not fix the underlying issue.

Listen to what he says 3 minutes and 40 seconds in. It’s pretty eye-opening. He says it as clearly as anyone could say it.


He continues his discussion on inflammation in this next video. When he explains how the body takes care of itself, he uses some interesting (and quite funny) analogies. But funny as they are, they make a lot of sense. And at about 3:30 he tells you which part of the country has the lowest life expectancy, and why. It’s kind of shocking, to be honest.  The things he describes sound like they should be “healthy”, but he explains why they may not be.

This information certainly shocked me.

If you read those side-effects on the health site or listen to the video, it might just persuade you to consider natural alternatives.

You should always discuss your medication with your own doctor, of course, before making any decisions about your health. But why not go prepared by doing a little research first?

We have more information on statins here.

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