Garlic and Cholesterol

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Garlic and Cholesterol

The effects of garlic on reducing cholesterol have been put to the test by numerous scientific studies that have failed to produce conclusive results. That’s not to say that it doesn’t work, just that there has been no cast-iron evidence shown yet, as at the time of writing.


Although garlic has been used for other medical purposes in the past the way in which garlic lowers the cholesterol level is not scientifically proven.


The only probable reason that scientists suggest is the reduction of cholesterol by preventing LDLs (including cholesterol) from being oxidized. This is possible because garlic is a proven anti-oxidant. Thus it can prevent build up and clogs of cholesterol in the blood vessels.

The stinking rose

If you eat garlic to lower your cholesterol you might need to watch out for bad breath and bad body odor! Garlic is not called the stinking rose for nothing!

The smell can be toned down a little by eating parsley, or chewing cloves, but honestly, you’re going to smell of it for a while so you have to make a decision whether to favor your health, or your reputation.

Blood thinning

Also garlic is known to have blood thinning properties. So in case you are going in for surgery consuming too much garlic is not a very good idea.

Also watch out for skin rashes and skin allergies and if consumed in excessive proportions you might be affected by Stomach disorders and dermatitis as well.

You should start with a limited dose of garlic and build up the quantity until you feel comfortable without any of the side effects.


The class of people who should not take garlic to reduce cholesterol is those who are allergic to garlic. This could cause a severe reaction that can cause injury or even death. You probably already know if you’re allergic to garlic.

Doctors need to be aware of patient’s allergies before recommending medicine to reduce high cholesterol. Individuals need to be aware of their allergies prior to taking supplements to lower it. There are alternatives that can be used in order to reduce an individual’s cholesterol levels.

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