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Are Your Drinks Making You Fat? Beware The Hidden Calories!

A key group of hidden calories is in the amount of high calorific drinks that we consume. Whilst 1 drink will not trash your diet, in our current society it’s not out of the ordinary to consume several caloric coffees, lattes and smoothies throughout the course of the day. A lot of of these kinds of drinks include a substantial number of calories from sugar and fat, whilst delivering no nutrition in return.

Hidden calories in drinks

Whilst a lot of diets list coffee and tea as “calorie free” foods, they count on you to consume them without sugar or milk. There is a big difference between black coffee and a modern latte, especially when the servings are large and loaded with sugar and cream.

While considering your drinking habits, don’t ignore fruit juices. Although these drinks have a healthy element if made from fresh fruits, they are high in natural sugar and may even have added sugars. All of the healthy fiber is stripped from the juices, yielding a sweet juice that quickly affects your blood sugar levels and can encourage hunger and cravings.

Sweet drinks do nothing to suppress your hunger and they may even encourage you to overeat. Studies have shown that sweet drinks cause food cravings, especially for starchy and sweet foods. These cravings may lead to overeating in addition to the added calories from the drink.

‘Diet’ or ‘Light’ drinks

So, we’re left with diet sodas. While diet sodas seem like a perfect solution because they contain no calories, studies have shown that diet sodas can actually contribute to weight gain. The exact cause isn’t known, but it seems that diet sodas lead to food cravings and affect the way that your body processes sugars. Recent studies have shown that some of the ingredients in artificial sweeteners actually encourage your body to store fat.

Watch for these hidden calories in your diet and try to replace some or all of them with pure water and green tea. This one change alone could save you hundreds of calories a day, depending on your habits.

The best diet drinks

The best diet drink is pure water, followed by unsweetened green tea in a close second place. Pure water not only fills your stomach without causing cravings, but it helps your body purge the toxins and by-products of the fat burning process. Unlike sweetened and flavored watery drinks, pure water is absorbed directly into the body without requiring digesting. This means that it does not stimulate the digestive system like other drinks and does not cause hunger.

Freshly brewed green tea has been shown to have a variety of health benefits including protection from a number of modern diseases due to the powerful anti-oxidants that it contains. The important thing here is that green tea has been shown to increase weight loss when enjoyed with a healthy weight loss plan. Plan to enjoy three to five cups of green tea daily.

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