High Cholesterol Foods

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High Cholesterol Foods

When you learn what high cholesterol foods are, it can help you learn about low cholesterol foods and knowing both the good stuff and the bad stuff is equally valuable. I’m sure we’ve all heard just how bad high cholesterol can be for your health – you might even have had your doctor tell you that you need to do something about it.

So, what can you do about it?

On these pages we bring you ongoing information to help you to answer that question. Among other topics, you’ll learn what cholesterol is, what kinds of food are high cholesterol foods, how to monitor your cholesterol, the types of food that make the situation worse, how often you should get tested and a whole lot more.

What Exactly Is Cholesterol?

Well, it’s a sort of fatty, waxy stuff and your own liver produces it. It’s actually necessary for good health and it’s a part of every cell in your body.

There are several things that cholesterol helps our bodies to do:
Keep the cell wall healthy
Help the body produce enough vitamin D
Aid in digesting, by producing stomach acids to digest fat…

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Our latest article about high blood pressure is also now online. Many people who have high cholesterol levels also have a whole range of other conditions that are commonly associated with it.

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