The Great Cholesterol Lie

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The Great Cholesterol Lie

“The Great Cholesterol Lie” by thoracic surgeon, Dr. Dwight Lundell is one of the most timely and critically important books written since the cholesterol theory began in 1948.

What it is about

It is about heart disease and inflammation running amok throughout your body from dietary recommendations born of that theory of no fat, low-fat diet foods causing an epidemic of heart disease and inflammation.

Now science knows inflammation is linked to obesity from the very foods created from this theory that were supposed to make us slim and trim.

If you’re like me, someone very close to you, a friend, spouse, child, parents, grandparents, is taking statin medications, or a child with juvenile diabetes, adult diabetes, Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, most every disease we know of is from inflammation running amok.

Naturally healing your heart

Dr. Lundell holds nothing back showing you how to heal your heart and health naturally without statin medications.

This book has sold in 17 countries. Does Dr. Lundell know something that you should know?

You can grab a copy for yourself (there’s a full money-back guarantee so it’s risk free) just by clicking here.

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