Ultra bad cholesterol

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Ultra bad cholesterol

If it wasn’t bad enough that there was already a “good” and a “bad” cholesterol (especially the “bad” one), it seems that scientists have now discovered a new type of cholesterol that is even worse than the “bad” type we all knew about already.

It’s stickier than the normal “bad” cholesterol and that means it is more likely to stick to your artery walls. The University of Warwick were looking at different types of LDL and the new, really bad type is called MGmin LDL.

So what can you do about this?

Well, it seems that blood sugar may be an exacerbating factor, which is why type 2 diabetes sufferers in particular often have this new type of cholesterol.

It’s a good idea, therefore, to try to keep your blood sugar level as “normal” as possible and that may mean, for a lot of us, that we should be even more particular about what we eat. There are health benefits to eating a sensible, heart-friendly diet anyway, so it’s not like we’d be doing it just to avoid this ultra bad cholesterol.

The research appears to show why metformin seems to help reduce heart attack risk. Metformin is a drug given to many patients with diabetes.

However, there are concerns about metformin and whether it can affect some people adversely.

When you read the various online reports circulating on the internet these days, it’s very easy to become despondent because there is so much conflicting information. Statins, for example, are villified by some people as being extremely risky, yet others are trying to have statins put into public water supplies!

How, exactly, can anyone ever truly be sure what is a good idea and what isn’t?

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to that question and the only thing you can do is keep researching and looking for information. There should always be an explanation of why something works and if there isn’t, it might be worth viewing the information with a degree of scepticism

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